Mr. Sun Guosheng

President of CIDTAA

China Information Development Technical Analysis Association (CIDTAA, hereafter referred to as the Technical Analysis Research Institute) is a new type of think tank institution with a joint nature, jointly initiated by the China Information Development Research Institute, the China High-tech Industry Development Promotion Association’s Science and Technology Innovation Investment Committee, the China Information Industry Association’s Informatization Promotion Working Committee, and Hongli Group, among other units. The Technical Analysis Research Institute will be based on the national conditions of China and the global development trends and directions, with a focus on macro data interpretation, industry analysis, and the study of orderly development of the science and technology investment market in the fields related to China’s informatization and scientific and technological innovation. It will take the study of macroeconomic dynamics as its core, and is committed to building itself into an academic exchange platform with the capability to study major economic issues at the forefront in the context of the synchronized construction of the new four modernizations.
At the same time, the Technical Analysis Research Institute will always adhere to the research philosophy of being scientific, objective, and rigorous, by collecting, screening, summarizing, and classifying data to deeply explore the inherent laws of macro data, providing in-depth insights and professional support for scientific and technological innovation investors, and promoting the stable and healthy development of China’s science and technology investment market. In addition, the Technical Analysis Research Institute will also place special emphasis on and strive to promote mutual exchanges and research cooperation with relevant organizations and experts at home and abroad, setting high standards for professional ethics and values based on professionalism and uniqueness. Specific work includes:

1)Scientific Research

Integrating economic principles and mathematical models into research, this study delves into the interplay between institutions and growth, as well as econometrics. It places a particular emphasis on the context of innovation-driven development strategies, focusing on issues related to the reform of China’s economic system and the pursuit of high-quality economic development. The research aims to reveal key trends in development.

2)Talent Cultivation

Committed to cultivating high-end professional investment talents with an international perspective in the field of scientific and technological innovation, we actively organize lectures, seminars, and courses, providing guidance and support for the new generation of researchers.

3)Academic Resources and Platforms

Actively collect, organize, and provide a variety of research resources, including datasets, literature, and toolkits, to support academic research. Build academic research platforms, including academic conferences, seminars, and online resources, to facilitate communication and interaction between investors and industry experts.

4)International Cooperation

Collaborate with international organizations and research institutions to conduct joint research projects. Against the backdrop of global scientific and technological innovation, explore the integration of global economy and technological innovation together. Promote cross-border cooperation and the sharing of experiences, and drive the international sharing of knowledge in the field of technical analysis. Thereby, contribute to the stability and sustainable development of global scientific innovation and financial investment.